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How Can I Help?

My music education services aim to connect with music directors and educators worldwide, providing creative ideas to help directors plan exceptional concerts and improve their ringers' musical abilities. I offer virtual teaching and conferencing to help you improve your skills from anywhere in the world.


Handbell Festivals

You won't believe how much fun you'll have preparing a performance you are proud of.


I've never led a festival concert that I wasn't exceptionally proud of. Even better than the compliments immediately following a festival are the messages I get a week later that say, "We rang this in church, and our congregation absolutely loved it!"

I direct one of the finest handbell choirs in the country every week; I am more than comfortable leading advanced repertoire. But I think I truly shine when you put me with ringers who are scared to be there, who aren't sure what they're doing, or who are only there as a favor to someone else. Any average conductor can make good ringers sound good. I can make new ringers fall in love with ringing.

Private Clinics

Whether you need a fall tune-up or some pre-concert shine, a private clinic with your choir makes a vital impact.

I can work privately with your bell choir. For less than the cost of taking your choir ot a festival, I can come to you to work on exactly what you need, with your music. We can work on technique, introduce new music, or get you polished up for performance. All sessions include a pre-clinic email interview and post-clinic written evaluation. Price and duration are negotiable, but the most popular option is 1.5 hours for $200.

I live on the northwest side of Houston, and can travel in the surrounding area (College Station, Galveston, Beaumont) for short clinics. Dallas, west Texas, Louisiana, and Oklahoma, would require additional fees for travel expenses. 

Concert Planning

Don't just be good. Be amazing.

I plan amazing concerts, and I can do the same for you. Whether you just need a 30 minutes phone call, or you want the full Epic Concerts package, let's work together to plan a concert people will show up for.

You may have seen Houston Chamber Ringers put on a fantastic show that I themed creatively. But you may have also seen other community bell choirs put on fantastic programs that I designed. They don't look like HCR shows, because each concert is designed specifically for the strengths and needs of each unique ensemble. My first client was Impulse Handbell Ensemble in 2017, and I have consulted for several esteemed community choirs since then.

Branding and Design

Your bio is boring and people don't read it. But I can write a bio that will make people like you before you even show up.

Logo design, concert flyers, programs, social media posts and banners: let me put together your publicity package while you work on your music. Your promotional graphics should look professional and inviting. I keep my design rates low and my response time fast because I know this is a low-priority budget item for many groups. But you would be surprised how inexpensive quality-looking graphics can be.

I also offer more comprehensive personal branding services, including writing biographical sketches, white papers, and website content.

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