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Answers to Your Questions

What does a private clinic look like?

I will come to your bell choir and work with them on their music. I always incorporate lessons on technique and expressive ringing. I'm adaptable to your needs, time, and budget, but most groups choose a 1.5 hour clinic for $200. That includes a pre-clinic consultation about the director's goals and needs, preparation in advance on the specific pieces you are ringing, and a post-clinic evaluations with my observations and repertoire recommendations. If you wanted something that required less preparation time, like a 1- hour technique class, it would cost $100.

What's the deal with the magic wands?

I started making "magic" batons when I was directing an elementary chime choir. As a reward, they would get to take a turn leading the group, while I rang their part. They got to select the baton they wanted to use (since I didn't let them touch mine), so I created an assortment to choose from. They loved it! During the pandemic it became a creative outlet for me that just sort of took over, and now I'm happy to sell them for just enough to keep me in glue, wood, and paint so I can make more.

You live too far away from me!

That's not a question, but there is still an answer. I'm happy to either clinic or consult virtually as well as in person. Virtual clinics are absolutely worthwhile, especially if I am given rehearsal video to review in advance. FaceTime, Zoom, and Skype are all good options.

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