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Stevie Be Leading

On a podium in front of a room full of ringers is where I am my best self. Check out some of the fun events where I have conducted, and some of the classes and workshops I have taught.

Past Events - Clinician

April 2024        Uvalde Handbell Festival. Uvalde, TX

April 2024        Iowa City Handbell Festival. Iowa City, IA

January 2024    Crucible Handbell Festival. Tomball, TX

April 2023         Lemonade Handbell Festival. Houston, TX

February 2023   Lutheridge Handbell Weekend. Asheville, NC

June 2022           Bells on the Beach. San Clemente, CA

March 2020       Low Country Handbell Festival. North Charleston, SC

February 2020   Arkansas State Handbell Festival. Little Rock, AR

January 2020     12th Night Handbell Festival. Boulder, NV

January 2020      Handbell Musicians of America: National College Ring-In. Houston, TX

August 2019       Handbell Kickoff Workshop. Marietta, GA

June 2019            Handbell Musicians of America: Area 2 Young Ringers Festival. Lancaster, PA

March 2019         Memphis Area Handbell Festival. Memphis, TN

August 2018        Handbell Kickoff Weekend. Marietta, GA

March 2018         Chattanooga Area Handbell Festival. Chattanooga, TN

February 2018     Handbell Musicians of America: Area 1 Winter Workshop. Amhurst, MA

November 2017   Fiesta Ring. Kerrville, TX

April 2017            SoCal Spring Ring. Oceanside, CA

2016, 2017             SE Texas Regional Bell Clinic. Bryan, TX

Handbell Conference Faculty

HMA National Seminar, Hartford, CT July 2024

    • First Look: Strategies for Sight Reading Success 

    • Balloons! 

    • Shtick Happens 

Iowa City Handbell Festival, Iowa City, IA April 2024

    • Put Down That Bell 

    • Balls! 

Baylor Alleluia Conference, Waco, TX July 2023

    • Taizé Handbells 

    • Better Ringing Through Bouncing Balls  

    • I’ve Heard It Both Ways: New Variations on Old Techniques 

    • Level Up Your Rehearsals: Strategies that Work 

HMA National Seminar, Irving, TX July 2023

    • First Look: How to Introduce New Music  

    • Concert in a Box: 3 Class Track 

HMA Area 2 Festival Conference, Lancaster, PA June 2023

    • Normal Is Overrated: Rebuilding in the Post-Covid Era 

    • Children’s Choir Track 

    • Balls!  

HMA Virtual Winter Workshop, January 2022

    • Crafting a Concert 

Bells on the Beach, San Clemente, CA June 2022 

    • Why I Do the Things I Do with Food 

    • Why I Do the Things I Do with Balls 

20th International Handbell Symposium, Nashville, TN August 2022 

    • Object Lessons 

HMA National Seminar, Glendale, AZ July 2021 

    • Shtick Happens 

    • Balls! 

    • First Look: How to Introduce New Music 

HMA Virtual Winter Workshop, February 2021

    • A Purpose Driven Ensemble

Dallas Chapter Choristers Guild Midwinter Workshop, virtual January 2021

    • Taizé Handbells 

    • Oreo Notes 

    • First Look: How to Introduce New Music 

    • How to Flirt 

HMA National Seminar, Virtual June 2020

    • First Look: How to Introduce New Music 

    • Intentional Networking 

    • How to Flirt 

Handbell Encounters of the Area 12 Kind, Virtual July 2020

    • All the Techniques, Even the Dumb Ones 

HMA National Seminar, St. Louis, MO July 2019 

    • Successful Sight-Reading 

    • Handbell Escape Room 

    • Do You Come Here Often? 

HMA National Seminar, Anaheim, CA July 2017

    • Balls!  

    • Crafting a Concert 

    • How to Flirt 

Dallas Chapter Choristers Guild Midwinter Workshop, Dallas, TX January 2017  

HMA Pinnacle, Dallas, TX July 2015

    • Put Down that Bell: Non-Ringing Solutions for Common Problems 

    • Crafting a Concert 

    • Handbell Improvisation

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