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Stevie Be Shilling

I Make Stuff That You Might Want To Buy Maybe


I arrange music. Check out this piece.


I wrote some curriculum for teaching children how to ring chimes. It is skills based instead of performance based, and completely adaptable to music you already own, and for any number of ringers. It's called Chime Wizard. I'm revising it now, but it will be available for purchase again soon.

Magic Batons/Wizard Wands

Every conductor is a wizard, and you need a proper baton to cast a proper spell. Each wand is made individually by hand, and each is unique. It's a perfect gift for your students who succesfully complete the Chime Wizard curriculum, or for any director you think is magical.

Wands are $25 each, plus $5 shipping. Email me to see pictures of current inventory, or inquire about custom orders.


I can work privately with your bell choir. For less than the cost of taking your choir ot a festival, I can come to you to work on exactly what you need, with your music. We can work on technique, introduce new music, or get you polished up for performance. All sessions include a pre-clinic email interview and post-clinic written evaluation. Price and duration are negotiable, but the most popular option is 1.5 hours for $150.


I plan amazing concerts, and I can do the same for you. Whether you just need a 30 minutes phone call, or you want the full Epic Concerts package, let's work together to plan a concert people will show up for.

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